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    Be An Expert In Genting Online Casino Malaysia Games

    You can play all your favourite Genting online casino Malaysia games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slot machine games and many more. If you are concerned in looking for such a platform on the web, we can ensure that Enjoy11 Malaysia is the most trusted online casino site to fit all your requirements. Wanna be a pro in all the casino games? You can now register with us and start your gambling journey. Play more, train more, and get a higher chance to win real money! You will be an expert player in playing all the genting online casino Malaysia games.

    Famous Games in Genting Casino

    Genting Highlands Casino also known as Casino De Genting. The Genting Casino is one and the only legal gambling venue in Malaysia. It offers a 24hours service to the public. This is a landed casino where you need to visit the actual building in order to experience the gambling process, also test your luck at winning massive real money. It was established in 1971, The following are some famous games that you can find in Genting Casino.


    One of the famous card games you can find in Casino De Genting is blackjack. What you need to do is draw the cards amounting to 21 or a number which is closer to 21. The minimum points you have to gain is 12, while maximum to win the game is 21points for the first two cards in hand. You will need to ask or demand for extra cards if both of your initial cards are below than 12. Cards over 21 will be known as a bust. You can also get the game on the Enjoy11 Malaysia live casino page.


    Baccarat is a game which is available for the players to bet on a banker or a player. How to win a baccarat game? You need to have the highest point or a point which is closest to 9. Genting Casino games offers more than just gambling. However, instead of traditional or landed casinos, you can try Genting online casino Malaysia games in Enjoy11 Malaysia too.

    genting online casino

    Mini Dice

    The winning combination is based on the total numbers on the dice once the dice rolls come to a stop inside a cage. Get the betting limits from the gaming tables. Take note that once the dealer announces, “no more bets”, this show the game starts.

    Slot Machine Games

    As a new member to Genting online casino games, the first easy game you can try to explore in Casino de Genting is their slot games. In Genting Casino Malaysia, you can play more than 3,000 slot machines games! This is a huge number of ranges. But nowadays, with the advent of the internet, you can play more than 3,000 slot games with different themes online. Pick your ideal Genting online casino Malaysia slot machine games just at your fingertip in Enjoy11 Malaysia.

    Facts and Rules of Genting Casino Malaysia

    Genting Casino Malaysia has given the finest entertainment journey to more than thousands people from all around the world. This landed casino has come with some rules that comply with the local laws and regulations, in order to present you a more comfortable gambling experience. There are few items you need to be alert and aware of when you choose to play in Genting Casino.

    Dress Code At Gaming Areas

    In Malaysia Genting Casino, you have to be decently dressed. Accessories such as hats, sunglasses, slippers, short pants, sports wear or sandals are strictly not allowed. But we have good news for you right here! If you are playing Genting online casino games in Enjoy11 Malaysia, you do not need to liaise with the dress code requirement. Play at your comfort level anywhere with your mobile or desktop.

    Age Requirement Visit Malaysia Genting Casino

    Who can visit the Genting Casino Malaysia? Genting Casino Malaysia is open to everyone except denies the entry for visitors who are age under 21 years old and Muslim. However, if you want to play Genting Malaysia online casino games, you can visit Enjoy11 Malaysia webpage and play your favourite Genting online casino Malaysia gambling game. The online gambling platform is open to everyone with an age requirement of at least 21 years old and above, abide by the terms and conditions imposed.

    No Photography Allowed In Genting Casino

    If you are traveling from overseas to Malaysia with all your luggage and camera. We are sorry to inform you that, in Malaysia Genting Casino, photographic equipment is prohibited. You need to deposit your cameras or video cameras at the security office before you enter the casino gambling area.

    online casino malaysia

    Genting Casino Malaysia Closed Due To Covid-19

    Despite the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), Genting Casino Malaysia still remains shut down until further notice. At this critical period of time, Genting Casino Malaysia is not available for you at the moment. Why not try your luck today and start your betting in Enjoy11 Malaysia to win real money? You can experience online with all the fun and thrill casino games with us just like the experience in Genting Casino Malaysia online. Register now at Enjoy11 today!

    Play Genting Online Casino Games in Malaysia

    In Enjoy11, we are just like Genting Casino online in Malaysia. Some of the reasons playing in Enjoy11 is better than any other land based casino.

    • Get the excellent casino bonuses and promotions which will help you to boost your bankroll.
    • Variety selection of games, including live dealer options.
    • Secure online banking methods and ease of transactions.
    • Play Genting online casino games in Malaysia anywhere and anytime as you wish.
    • Less expensive when you play online as you don't need to travel from one place to the other.
    • Great customer service in online casino platforms just as the Genting Casino Malaysia.
    • Explore the trial games for free in casinos online before you start betting with real money.

    Summary of Genting Online Casino Malaysia

    There are a lot of leading and trustworthy online casino websites in Malaysia. However, if you want to get the same experience as you play at Genting Casino, Enjoy11 Malaysia is one of your best choices. You do not have to leave your home, especially during the hard time of Covid-19. All you need to do is register with Enjoy11 and spend your leisure time in a relaxing way playing Genting online casino games in Malaysia. With us, you can get enjoyment when playing the games of Genting online casino Malaysia in a fair and transparent way.

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