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    Esports Betting Malaysia

    All You Need to Know About Esports Betting Malaysia 2020

    Questioning about what Esports is? Is Esports betting Malaysia something new for you? Esports, which is also known as electronic sports. It is a competitive video gaming at a highly professional level. Just like other sports such as football, basketball, cricket and more. Esports also gather individual players or teams of players to get together and do a battle in video games. Esports betting has brought a massive gain of popularity over the last few years, even though this might still be something new for us.

    2020 Esports Betting Malaysia Guide: How to Bet and What Esports Betting Options are they?

    First, we want to introduce some famous esports leagues all around the world. These include the International for the DOTA 2 World Championship, Global Offensive League, the League of Legends Championship Series, and the Overwatch League and many more. There are a huge amount of games in esports betting Malaysia, you need to be wise and clear to make analysis for yourself if necessary.

    Play the Esports Game before You Bet

    Here is a tip we would like to share with you. Play the video game that you want to bet on, so that you can know more about the game and the flow of how to win. Apart from that, be observant to the game and the team playing before you make your decision when placing the bet. It may help you a lot during your betting.

    How To Bet On Esports

    In this article, you will gain some practical and useful knowledge, learn how to be on Esports in Malaysia. We had come out with a list to guide your esports betting journey in Malaysia. There are things you have to take into consideration when you place your bet on esports. The following are the summarised some points exclusive for our Enjoy11 Malaysia members. Before you start your betting in any online casino site, you need to know what are the betting types that are available for you.

    Popular Esports Betting Types

    Betting Outrights

    Betting outrights is a type of esports betting in Malaysia where a bettor places before a competition or an event begins. This type of betting method might offer more incentives for the winner as the team you select has to win various matches over a long timeframe. In Enjoy11 Malaysia, we offer you outright betting on all the major esports. For instance, Dota2, LOL, and CS;GO.

    play the esports game

    Handicap Esports Betting

    The logic of handicap in esports betting Malaysia is most likely the same as the traditional sports betting. The bookmaker will attempt to adjust the odds of each side by providing the lower positioned side a favourable position, which is known as positive handicap. Meanwhile, the higher ranked side has a negative handicap.

    Betting On Totals

    In esport betting Malaysia, you can try to bet on totals, this is also referred to as an over or under bet. This is a type of betting where you have to decide if the stat will go over or under the amount. Here is a solid example for your reference, let’s say if you want to bet on a LOL esport game match, You might see an option to be over 43.5kills. But how to consider winning the bet? In this case, when your combined kills of two teams is 44 or over 44, you win. On the other hand, if 43 kills or below, you lose the esport betting.

    Things You Have to Be Aware when Betting On Esports

    Begin With Small Bet

    If you are new to esports betting Malaysia, we suggest that you can try your luck with a small bet to begin your gambling journey. Same as in any other games that you encounter on an online casino platform when you are just a beginner to explore the gambling world. Do not rush to be too ambitious and want to win more, there is no harm in trying to place a small bet at the beginning when you join the betting.

    Security Of The Betting Site

    If you are aware of online gambling, there are a lot of scandals around betting in esports with those non-legitimate betting sites online. The problem here is due to the absence of permitting and oversight of these websites. However, don’t be worried if you sign up and play in Enjoy11, we are always your best esports betting Malaysia platform, we have an appropriate license and will assure that all the terms and conditions have your back!

    Always Know Your Limit

    When you get yourself in a heavy losing condition, please stop and rest. You have to know your budget and limit as your situation is really bad and this will affect your mood as well. Take some time for yourself, do not exceed your budget in any esports betting Malaysia. Meanwhile, you might also take some steps to review the bets that you had made in your previous bets. Do not push yourself too hard in any online gambling games. As all the betting in any online casino site requires luck, strategies and also knowledge.

    Understand & Compare The Odds

    While the numbers may appear to be just marginally varying, you will begin to see a striking effect on your general wagering results if you do not take the best prices into consideration. Every single online esports betting site in Malaysia may offer different odds for the same game or event. As conclusion, this is dependent upon you to select which sounds the best for you.

    Understand & Compare The Odds

    Benefits Of Esports Betting in Enjoy11 Malaysia

    If you are wondering about what you can gain when you choose Enjoy11 as your esports betting site. We are here to tell you the answers.

    • High convenience level. You can bet on any esports that you prefer with your mobile device or desktop anywhere, as long as with internet connection.
    • Enjoy11 provides you unlimited access to Malaysia betting odds. You will have all the fun and exciting betting odds found when you play with Enjoy11, the most trusted online casino Malaysia.
    • With us, we have a multilingual interface, which is in English or Mandarin. There are not every esports betting site in Malaysia that supports different languages. You are lucky in Enjoy11 as you are free to select your preference in your esports betting Malaysia.
    • Easy, reliable and secure deposit and withdraw method. You are protected with our credit card and other payment options.
    • Friendly and helpful customer support service. We are always ready to help you solve any issue when you play on our online casino site.
    • Highest welcome bonus in the town. Sign up with Enjoy11 Malaysia today and get a free 150% welcome bonus with terms and conditions apply. Also, we have all the best rewards and rebates are waiting for you.

    Enjoy11 Helps You In Malaysia Esports Betting

    With Enjoy11, we are always here to help you be familiar with esports betting Malaysia. We feature with the world’s top and famous esports betting operator, which is Maxbet. Start your esports betting journey today and win real money.

    We hope that all the esports betting Malaysia guide 2020 will help you in your betting journey. Also, be more familiar and understand more about Malaysia esports betting. Thus, you can comfortably toss your money on a competition or an event to maximise the excitement and fun. For any queries, feel free to contact us in our live chat service or email to Enjoy11 Malaysia at support@enjoy11my.com today.

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